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Meet the 2022 Mississauga Centre Youth Council

Meet the Members of the Mississauga Center MP Youth Council for 2022:

Afrah Khan

University of Guelph

Afrah is a first year student at University of Guelph majoring in Criminal Justice and Public Policy.  Afrah is an aspiring lawyer hoping to work in the government sector in the future and wishes to learn more about it.  Afrah is fond of volunteering and she has accumulated over 300 volunteer hours throughout her high school years.  She enjoys helping the community and volunteering with those that need support.  As a volunteer, she is working as an ASPIRE caseworker helping refugees and immigrants who need support settling in Canada.  As a member of MCYC Afrahwishes to be able to help raise the voices of Youth in her community and make others her age feel like they have an active say in what they feel needs to be heard by the government.  Afrah wishes to learn from others as well as bring forward her own ideas on how we can positively progress our community, all while gaining meaningful experiences.


Calistah Lovelingino

My name is Calista, I am currently a gr.11 student at St. Francis Xavier. I hope to pursue a career in law. I am passionate about promoting mental health and always looking for ways to be involved within the community. I started volunteering at a campaign office in 2019 and since then was interested in engaging with the community, meeting new people, and listening to other people's viewpoints. I have done volunteer work in a variety of settings, which allows me to communicate with my peers and work well in a team. I strive to do my best in school as I believe it initiates the start of my journey to life. In the years ahead, I would like to pursue a career in law, in hopes of learning more about Canadian politics and someday putting it to practice.

As a member of the youth council, I would like to share my thoughts and opinions with people and be more involved within the community. Through this opportunity, I hope to educate and advocate for mental health in our society. I am looking forward to learning more and using my platform to help youths get involved within their community!



David Zhu

University of Toronto

David is of Manchu-Chinese origin and was born in Montreal, Quebec. He is currently pursuing a degree in Political Science and History at the University of Toronto Mississauga, where he currently serves as the Director of Events for the University of Toronto Mississauga Young Liberals. He has previously volunteered extensively for the federal election campaign of Yvan Baker MP in Etobicoke Centre. David is also the lead field organizer for Noel Semple’s provincial election campaign, who is the liberal candidate running for the position of MPP for Etobicoke Centre in the Provincial election on June 2nd, 2022, as lead field organizer his responsibilities include managing volunteers, coordinating assignments, and assisting the candidate. In high school, he was head of marketing and co-founder for his high school’s TEDx program: TEDxMartingrove. Upon graduating from UTM, he will be pursuing a career as a political staffer.

David joined the Mississauga Centre Youth Council with the hopes of gaining more experience and insights into the inner workings of Canada’s government and politics, especially in detailed policy areas such as infrastructure, public safety, welfare, diversity, education, immigration, etcetera.



Erin Danielle Naguit

McMaster University

Erin was born and raised in the Philippines until she immigrated to Canada in 2015. She is currently in her first-year in the Life Sciences program at McMaster University, with plans of specializing in Molecular Biology or Biodiversity and Environmental Science. Erin is interested in sustainability, combating climate change, healthcare, as well as learning about indigenous history and practices.

She has previously volunteered in food drives and charities in her local parish and local charities, and participated in leadership and eco clubs in her school community.

Erin joined the Youth Council to learn more about government and policy making. With her interest in combating climate change and indigenous studies, she hopes to develop policies with the council that focuses on alleviating the issues surrounding these topics. She also hopes to learn more about different issues in her community and be inspired by her fellow youth council members.


Gagan Behal

University of Toronto Mississauga

Gaganpreet Behal is a third-year undergraduate at the University of Toronto Mississauga, pursuing her studies in Criminology, Law and Society. She founded the UTM Skills & Thrills Association and is currently serving as President. The UTM Skills & Thrills Association aids in enhancing the social and financial life of UTM students. These skills and information sessions include but are not limited to taxes, mental health awareness, and networking.

Gagan is also serving as an executive member of UTM Minorities in Law & Society and UTM Law & Commerce. She uses these platforms to advocate for minorities in law and shares her knowledge concerning careers in law and commerce. Moreover, she can always be found working with various student groups at UTM to educate the community.

As a member of the MCYC, Gagan aspires to address the disquiets of Mississauga's residents by working with them and creating a difference for the city's betterment. She also wants to advocate for issues such as the housing crisis, mental health and their impacts on the residents of Mississauga. She wants to learn more about the fundamentals of the justice system, complete her J.D. in the coming years, and pursue a career in law.


Jad El-Ghali

University of Toronto

Jad El-Ghali is a third-year University of Toronto undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree double majoring in Political Science and Sociology and minoring in the study of Semiotics & Communications. His diverse background and experience in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Canada allow him to bring a wide array of perspectives when researching and analyzing current world issues, political phenomena and governmental procedures. His past research and academic experience have divulged into the importance of globalization; a Youth TEDx Talk about multiculturalism, research articles about partisanship in Canada & Canada’s electoral system, and the importance of education in combatting racism and discrimination.

 His hopes in joining the Mississauga Center Youth Council are to gain further experience in the governmental procedure of federal representation and serve as a key stakeholder in the Mississauga community.


Moiz Lakhani

McMaster University

Moiz Lakhani is a third-year student at McMaster University in the Bachelor of Health Science program (BHSc).

His hopes in joining the Mississauga Center Youth Council are to gain further experience in the governmental procedure of federal representation and serve as a key stakeholder in the Mississauga community.

Moiz was also selected by the Qatar Foundation to attend the World Innovation Summit for Education, fully funded, as 1 of 25 youth across the world as part of the Learners’ Voice Program. He was able to voice his views on issues surrounding education with policymakers, educators and innovators.

Moiz has also been invited to speak as a panelist during Youth Assembly Conferences in New York & Washington on topics like international development and social entrepreneurship.

Moiz has served as part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police National Youth Advisory Committee, Commonwealth Youth Gender Equality Network, and as an ambassador for the United Nations Association of Canada.

Moiz has spoken at the United Nations HQ in New York and is a 2021 Cansbridge Fellow.


Muneeb Munawar

Muneeb is a Canadian-Pakistani who recently graduated from York University with an Honours degree in Civil Engineering. Born and raised in Mississauga, he watched the city develop over the last 2 decades and was inspired to help create better communities for the next generation. In School, he focused in Structural and Environmental Engineering and wishes to use his previous learnings in his current role with the MCYC. Muneeb has a long work history and operated in various industries which gave him experience in the fields of Cryptocurrency, Real Estate and Transportation.

Through all his school and work life, he has had many opportunities to practice and progress effectively when collaborating with others. As a previous volunteer in Mississauga Centre, he is happy to be joining the Youth Council and is looking forward to working with other young leaders. He hopes to plan and build different urban initiatives within Mississauga and is looking to network with like-minded people and discuss solutions to some of the city’s problems. 


Rawan Soujaa

Schulich School of Business

Rawan is a Lebanese-Canadian who was raised in Qatar for most of her life. She moved to Canada at 18 years old to pursue an international business degree at the Schulich School of Business and graduated with honours in 2020. During her undergraduate studies, Rawan was a private swim instructor, as well as a two-time executive member of the Corporate Social Responsibility Society at Schulich. In high school, Rawan regularly took part in community activities and was also a member and ambassador in her school’s chapter of Model United Nations.

Currently, Rawan is a digital manager at the Royal Bank of Canada. She has held company-wide virtual events on mental health, participated in employee giving campaigns, including RBC Race for the Kids, and is a member of the BIPOC Committee. Outside of work, Rawan is very active in her community. She instructs and participates in Mississauga’s Carassauga Cultural Festival, tutors Syrian refugees over the weekend, and has successfully launched two chapters of her annual fundraising event, Ro & Joe: Running for Beirut, and Ro & Co: Running for Palestine.

As a member of the MCYC for 2022, she hopes to learn more about ongoing initiatives within parliament, as well as collaborate with fellow members to tangibly contribute to legislature and advocate for equity and social justice.



Shayaan Khan

Rick Hansen

Shayaan is currently a grade 11 student at Rick Hansen Secondary School. When he is not studying, he is making a difference in his local community. This includes participation in mental health awareness initiatives at school, volunteering at the public library, and phone banking for the elections.

Additionally, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. You can find him playing different sports (soccer, cricket, badminton) and being in the outdoors.

He is motivated to be a part of the MCYC because of his interest in technology that can be used to make a difference in the education and healthcare systems.




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