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Meet the Members of the Mississauga Centre MP Youth Council for 2021

Meet the Members of the Mississauga Center MP Youth Council for 2021:


Safia Ahmed

University of Waterloo

Safia Ahmed is currently a first year student studying at the University of Waterloo for engineering. As an aspiring engineer, she hopes to work on green technology to aim for a more sustainable future. She is a strenuous climate change and mental health advocate. As a university student she is currently involved in her school’s Engineering Counsel, MSA, and many student design teams. She has previous experience extensively volunteering in her community at local events/festivals, food banks, and parks. In her spare time, Safia enjoys baking, reading, and spending time with her close family/friends. Through her time at the MCYC youth counsel, Safia hopes to learn more about the Canadian government, connect with the local community, and make a difference.



Omar Alkelh

The Woodlands Secondary School

Having been a student at The Woodlands Secondary School; located in Mississauga for three years, Omar is currently enrolled in Grade 12 at the school. Omar has a desire to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Technology as a double major. A total of more than 200 hours of volunteer work has been done by Omar at establishments like the YMCA and in Arabic schools. 

During his time on the 2021 youth council, Omar hopes to learn about relevant government issues and what can be done to fix them. Aside from obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the government's inner workings, he also hopes to gain an inside look at its inner workings. Omar would like to contribute to the development of society and to provide support to the community during his time at the youth council, during that time Omar hopes to contribute to society in various ways



Shahd Alsous



Areez Bhanji

The Woodlands Secondary School

Areez is a high school student at The Woodlands School in Mississauga. He is passionate about philosophy, law, and exponential technologies. Areez has spoken at conferences globally including in Dubai and Toronto, and has worked with organizations including Microsoft, Scotiabank, and Wealthsimple. He has built various decentralized applications using blockchain technology and has developed neural networks used in image classification, chatbots, and generating new art.


Abdullah Chaudhry



Samriddha Chaudhury

Carleton University

Samriddh Chaudhury is a fourth-year student at Carleton University studying Public Affairs. Having grown up in Mississauga, he has worked in small businesses, factories, and non-profit organizations in the community. He is currently working in public opinion research and polling, getting a direct perspective into the needs of communities and how to get them the appropriate help. He has worked on files such as climate change, economic development, and racial justice research.

As part of the Youth Council, he believes there’s a great opportunity to heal the community through local dialogue, conversation, and help for our neighbors and friends. With political polarization on a rapid rise, the council presents a unique moment for the community youth to collaborate on policy and learn from one another to enact grass-roots change. 

His interest areas include an intersectional COVID-19 recovery, which intertwines economic recovery with mental health, sustainable development, and climate action. 



Adam Cianfarani



Liam D'Souza

University of Toronto Alumni

Liam is a graduate of the Engineering Science program at the University of Toronto where he specialized in Biomedical Engineering. During his undergraduate years, Liam developed an affinity for mentorship activities; he has volunteered as a Conversation Club mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel and led a research experience program to match undergraduate students with on-campus research positions. Liam has a passion for engineering design and within his design portfolio is The Swivet, an award-winning solution enabling wheelchair athletes to safely and independently transport their equipment. Liam is also an avid writer and his work has been featured in the 2020 International Baccalaureate Graduate Voices Series.
As part of the 2021 Mississauga Centre MP Youth Council, Liam aims to engage in constructive discussions to benefit the local community and beyond. He is specifically excited to contribute to conversations around infrastructure, indigenous rights & reconciliation, and the integration of immigrants and refugees. He plans to learn more about the intricacies of the political process in Canada and to meet other youth who are excited about being change-makers in their community.



Dharmayu Desai

Queen's University

Dharmayu is a current undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree at Queen’s University. He went to high school at Glenforest Secondary School and participated in various organizations in the community. Some examples include IHPYC, a youth organization in the Peel region that raises over $20k annually for the Canadian Red Cross and being a volunteer tutor for the Aspire program, which aids vulnerable neighbourhoods. 

Consequently, Dharmayu wishes to continue his involvement through the Mississauga Central Youth Council. He wishes to connect with like-minded individuals that are motivated to make positive changes in the city by representing the perspective of the youth. In doing so, he would like to learn about the political setting and be open-minded to gain insight into ongoing stories in the community.


Farah Dudin

Rick Hansen Secondary School

Farah is in grade 11. Her concentration in school is business and would like to study business or finance in university. Also, she would like to earn a master's degree. She has excellent thinking skills, decision-making skills, and problem-solving skills. She mainly has knowledge of English and Arabic, but has some basic knowledge of French. In grade 8, she won the French award and was one of the 3 best French students at her school.

As a member of the youth council this year, she would like to use her thinking skills to make decisions in order to help make the world a better place. She is passionate and would love to find solutions to current problems in Mississauga, Canada, and the world by speaking up and using her leadership skills. Being in the youth council would help her learn a lot more about the way politics work in Canada and how political decisions are made. She would earn the chance to be more engaged in her community and she would be able to contribute her great ideas. She would love to build her teamwork skills and work with other members of the Mississauga Youth Council this year as well.



Ayman Hashmi

University of Waterloo

Ayman is a second year student at the University of Waterloo currently majoring in Public Health. He is passionate about the healthcare delivery system, health informatics and public policy. He has been involved in multiple organizations and fundraising events that try to make a positive difference in many societies. He is very excited to be on the Youth Council for Mississauga where he will utilize his skills and experiences to serve a larger, more diverse population. He hopes that throughout this experience, he can improve and build upon his skills, gain a better understanding of the Canadian federal system and work towards making a positive impact within his community by advocating for issues facing the youth.


Shahmeer Hashmi

John Fraser Secondary School

Shahmeer is a Grade 11 AP Student currently attending John Fraser Secondary School. He has always been a high-achiever and continuously tries to do better. At school, Shahmeer is a part of multiple clubs in various roles. He is a part of the athletic council, HOSA, an executive member at John Fraser Business Society and one of the Presidents of Fraser UNICEF - a charitable club he co-founded this year. Previously, Shahmeer has been a two-time valedictorian as well as a black belt in Taekwondo. During his free time, Shahmeer enjoys watching and playing a variety of different sports. He am an avid supporter of the Toronto Raptors, Blue Jays and Maple Leafs, to name a few. The main goal that he hopes to achieve in the Youth Council this year is to help work towards shaping my community into a better, more inclusive place all while making a positive change. There is a lot of negativity that surrounds people on a daily basis and Shahmeer wants to help take part in eliminating it. Youth are the future! This is why he believes that having the youth's voices heard will put the community on the path of being the best there is to offer


Yamen Issa



Alia Khan

Lorne Park Secondary School

Alia khan is a student at Lorne park where she is in the French extension program and has been on the honour roll every year since grade 7. Alia is looking to help out with the problems within society and to learn more about cultural values. She love to cooperate with other people and hopes to benefit the community through hard work and effort.


Maham Khan

Ryerson University

Maham is a second-year student in the Business Technology Management program at Ryerson University. Maham is a passionate student leader, and is currently the President of Ryerson Women in Leadership (RWIL). Through her student group, Maham leads a team of over 25 members to organize events and initiatives to empower women and promote gender equality. To pursue her interest in finance and technology, Maham is the Director of Finance of Information Technology Management Students’ Association (ITMSA). Maham loves multiculturism, so she is a Mentor for the Ted Rogers International Exchange Network (TRIEN). She engages with international students at Ryerson University to learn about different cultures, provide mentorship and help students grow academically and socially.

As a Member of the Mississauga Youth Council (MYC), Maham is committed to climate change, tackling unemployment, supporting the Indigenous communities and promoting mental health. Maham wants to use this platform to support her community.


Maniqa Mahmood

Rick Hasnsen Secondary School

Maniqa is a grade 11 student currently attending Rick Hansen Secondary School. She hopes to pursue her education in business studies at university. At Rick Hansen, Maniqa has helped in the guidance office doing small tasks, like putting up posters or organizing letters. She enjoy hanging out with friends at school. Her hobbies are playing sports like badminton, basketball, or cricket, baking, or any other activities in her free time. Maniqa has volunteered in the community, like a Mosque food bank. There, she was responsible for packing, shelving, and gathering the items at the food bank.

As a member of the Mississauga Centre Youth Council, Maniqa wants to accomplish as a young individual who can provide an opportunity to improve the community. She wants to develop my leadership, communication, and teamwork skills while being in school growing as a person. This Youth Council is an excellent pathway for her to expand her understanding of politics. She wants to find ways to help with the global challenges faced by various people in our community. Partaking in Mississauga Centre Youth Council provides the activities and learning needed to become a promising leader. From involving in projects to attending meetings, Youth Council opportunities will help Maniqa realize what it truly means to be a leader.


Osama Mayassi




      Shaaiqa Moloo

Wilfrid Laurier University, BA in Political Science.  

Shaaiqa is a hardworking, compassionate individual. She is driven by her desire to educate people on social and political issues. Shaaiqa believes it is important for individuals to stay informed about current events, to understand the political climate they live in, and to advocate for change.  

As a member of the Mississauga-Centre Youth Council, she hopes to inspire and motivate youth within the community. 

Apart from this, Shaaiqa’s interests include volunteering, travelling, and playing soccer!  



Mona Mokatran

Cawthra Park Secondary School

Mona is a Grade 12 student in the regional arts music program planning to study neuroscience and psychology at University. In the future, she plans on getting my master’s in clinical psychology and research. Mona is currently focused on three main pillars of viability; the arts, academics, and community. She loves to implement her love for the arts, specifically music, into all the things that she does, namely her volunteerism, activism, and humanitarian work. Over the last 5 years, Mona has been heavily involved with the Syrian Film Festival, SYFF, which is a non-profit annual event. Where Syrian culture, cinema, and art are showcased to raise awareness for an important cause. Her goal is to use her voice to speak on community and youth concerns as well as issues that she is passionate about. On a grand scale, Mona is eager to tackle issues such as racism pertaining to Indigenous and Black Canadians. Within her community, Mona wants to focus on improving mental health resources and accessibility. This Youth Council will be her opportunity to learn about the government and work with policymakers to enhance her leadership skills.

Mona looks forward to working with the youth council team to create real and long-lasting change.


Manahil Nadeem

Ontario Tech University

Manahil is a first-year student currently enrolled in the health science program at Ontario Tech University. In the future, she hopes to pursue a career in public health as she was inspired by watching the public health officials take control during the Covid – 19 pandemic. She would like to expand her knowledge about Canadian politics, as politics is not only something she is interested in, but she also thinks that it will be beneficial for her future endeavours.

She believes that the best way to learn is through hands- on experiences thus, being a part of the Mississauga Youth Council, she will be able to apply her skills and ideas whilst learning more about Canadian politics and expanding her knowledge. She has lived in Mississauga all of her life, and is looking froward to getting involved within the community she has grown up in.


Emilia Peixoto

Father Michael Goetz S.S.

Emilia is a grade 12 student currently attending Father Michael Goetz S.S. Planning on pursuing a career in Political science and Law and is a hands-on student in and out of the classroom. Fulfilling many responsibilities, Emilia is very active within the community and enjoys spending time volunteering with children and non- profit organizations. In high school Emilia played on her school Basketball team as team captain and was apart of the Soccer team, a leader in many school clubs and committees such as Best Buddies, Debate Club, Mosaic Club, and the Health & Wellness Club.

Emilia is an advocate for social justice, being at the forefront of many socio-political movements such as Black Lives Matter, Indigenous Rights, and LGTBQ+ Rights. She believes that in order to create a just society we must be willing to humble our selves therefore creating a society that is socially aware. Especially as a bi – racial woman she believes that building our community to embrace their cultures and sharing it with those around them is what makes our community such a great place.

As a member of the MCYC Emilia hopes to contribute to the community alongside with other members to show that UNITY amongst different individuals is possible and crucial for our growth as society. Emilia’s ultimate goal is to leave a resonating impression on the community, one that guides the youth to become involved and to recognize their importance within the community



Saif Rahman

St. Francis Xavier 

Saif Rahman is a sixteen-year-old high school student at St. Francis Xavier Secondary School. He is an active member of the basket ball community in Mississauga and has coached players through a private organization. Saif also enjoys playing football and working out at the gym. Saif has a passion for exploring different business ventures and is learning about the stock market. He also has volunteered his time towards a charity organization that provides education to underprivileged children in the rural areas of Pakistan

He joined the MCYC to learn more about how he can contribute to his city. Saif wants to connect youth with each other and focus on ways to stay connected, especially during this pandemic. He understands mental health issues are important to today’s youth. Saif also wants to learn about how the government works and what he can do to make a difference. 


Hannia Raja

A young legal professional striving to make a change in the world. Graduating from York university with a Bachelors of Honours. Pursuing law school in Fall 2024. Hannia's interests are in law and politics and charity work. She strives to help raise awareness in the community about social, political, and legal issues through her rigorous involvement in various political organizations, charity organizations,  legal profession as well as the Mississauga Centre Youth Council.


Aahaan Rawal



Sabyna Habib

University of Toronto

Sabyna was born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area; the youngest of three daughters and the first generation of immigrant parents. She is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto Mississauga, studying Biology for Health Sciences. She enjoys writing and volunteering at her local pharmacy in her free time. 
Her interest in policy and advocacy began when she was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in the ninth grade. Living with an invisible physical disability, all while struggling with her mental health, she realized just how important it was to have her voice heard. 
As a member of the MCYC, Sabyna hopes to use her voice to advocate for those that are often overlooked in our political systems while also being the most vulnerable in our communities. Sabyna is also looking forward to using this experience as a meaningful learning opportunity; to learn about the opinions, experiences, and beliefs of those in her community.


Taimur Shakeel


University of Guelph-Humber I am 20 years old, and currently enrolled as a third year student in the Justice Studies Program of Guelph-Humber. I immigrated to Canada in 2004, and ever since my early teens, I have been very interested in the legal and political climate of Canada. I have volunteered with the Liberal Party of Canada during the 2015 election campaign, and have been volunteering with my community for several years.

I hope to pursue a Master’s in Forensic Science, and work with the police in a Forensic Investigator capacity, while also looking at a future career in politics. I hope to engage with other members in the Youth Council on social issues facing our community, and help to bring forward new resolutions and fresh ideas. I also wish to use this opportunity to gain an entrance into the political world and expand my network, meet new faces, and help address issues facing marginalized communities in the scope of the legal system.


Eraj Zaidi

Eraj is currently a student at Cawthra Park Secondary School and is enrolled in the Regional Arts program for visual arts. She hopes to pursue writing in the future and learn to develop and edit creative and informational text that can reach a variety of audiences.
At school, Eraj is a part of the visuals team on her school newspaper and part of the Teen Advisory Group at the Mississauga Central Library. In her free time, Eraj likes to write poetry, draw and learn card tricks.
Born in Vancouver, She's lived in multiple provinces before coming to Ontario but found an especially close connection with Mississauga and its community. Mississauga became a place that she could confidently call home. By joining the youth council, Eraj hopes to help create changes for her new found home and community alongside individuals who wish to do the same. Eraj believes that joining the Youth council is an incredible learning opportunity for her to understand the community better, learn how much power voices can have and how to amplify her own to engage and initiate conversation.


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