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Meet the Members of the Mississauga Centre MP Youth Council for 2018

Meet the Members of the Mississauga Centre MP Youth Council for 2018:



Eliyana Haddad

York University - Glendon College, Sociology

Eliyana is currently a fifth-year student majoring in Sociology, minoring in Gender and Women’s studies as well as studying towards a certificate in Sexuality Studies at York University's Glendon campus. Compassionate and ambitious, she is a considerate team-player with aspirations to succeed in making a positive change.

Eliyana has been an active member of the community, she has volunteered at several events including, Carassauga. Her greatest role model is her mother, who has already accomplished so much in her lifetime and always encourages Eliyana to get involved and give back whenever possible.

She believes this council will allow her to help people address their concerns and also give her the experience needed to advance her career.


Mitchell Doorey

Carleton University Alumni

Mitchell Doorey is a Carleton University graduate with a degree in Public Affairs and Policy Management and a specialization in International Affairs. He is currently working for a non-profit in Downtown Toronto which specializes in getting marginalized individuals, non-profits, charities and schools access to affordable technology. He’s excited to be apart of the Mississauga-Centre Youth Council to highlight issues that are important to him, like economic equality and climate change. In his free time, Mitchell enjoys playing golf and hockey and travels as often as he can.


Alex Li

University of Toronto

Compassionate and driven, Alex is devoted to strengthening her community. She has dedicated her time volunteering with a variety of organizations, such as the Region of Peel and Free the Children. She’s worked with children, adolescents, and seniors. She has also been active in many different cultural associations, like the Chinese Association of Mississauga, Mississauga Italian Canadian Benevolent Association (MICBA), and Seva Food Bank. She wishes to foster multiculturalism within the community.

Her keen interests in international relations, global governance, and policymaking, encouraged her to engage in politics. She believes that her political experiences will help her make greater contributions to the community and in advocating for equity, inclusion, and peace around the world.


Ryan Ashwin Deshpande

McMaster University, Biochemistry

Ryan is a student at McMaster University, studying biochemistry. He also works full time for the students’ union at McMaster, taking on advocacy for the student body. In his spare time, he’s trying out new restaurants in Hamilton and Mississauga! He’s also an avid Beyoncé fan.

Ryan is interested in international affairs and public policy. He hopes to one day go into law and continue to make a difference.


Zeana Hamdonah

University of Toronto, Kinesiology

Zeana is currently a third-year Kinesiology student at the University of Toronto. She is all for self-growth and independence which is why she tends to teach herself new skills. Zeana considers herself, a fast learner as she taught herself Illustration and calligraphy in one summer and is now an Illustrator for the Varsity Magazine.

Zeana finds herself very passionate about social and political issues because she has learned that her voice is important in representing others like her. Constantly trying to break stereotypes associated with Muslim women can get tiring, in her spare time, you can find Zeana at home in her PJs watching The Crown.


Vishaul Joshi

Sheridan College, Business Administration

As a resident of Mississauga his whole life, Vishaul grew up experiencing a multitude of diverse cultures. At an early age, Vishaul recognized that his peers shared a common issue; his peers didn't know how to reach out and speak about their mental health.

Upon entering post-secondary education, Vishaul's experiences led him to strongly believe that there is a need for a focus on youth mental health. Vishaul has volunteered in elementary school classrooms, as well as charity organizations focused on helping support the local youth. As an Accounting major and aspiring CPA, alongside his volunteering endeavors, Vishaul believes his experiences and knowledge can help himself and his fellow Youth Council members make a positive impact in the community.


Zulekha Rehman

Rick Hansen Secondary School

Zulekha immigrated to Canada around two years ago and since then has been learning new skills and gaining new experiences by involving herself in several curricular and extra-curricular activities.

In her first year in Canada, she became the executive member of her school’s Model United Nations team, a part of her school’s Link Crew and was selected to attend the Central Ontario Leadership Seminar at the University of Toronto. Canada also gave Zulekha the opportunity to polish her volunteering ability by participating at WE Day 2017 where she got to see the likes of different Canadian change-makers and volunteering at the Scotia Bank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and Chucks Run for Dystonia.

With keen interest in politics, Zulekha plans to learn more about Canada’s political affairs and wants to be an advocate of change as being part of Omar Alghabra’s Youth Council


Musa Hussain

Ryerson University Real Estate Management Co-op Student

Musa is passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of others. Throughout his high school experience he had been involved with several student groups including Junior Civitan, Helping Hand, and Peer Tutoring. His time at Junior Civitan, in particular, spiked his interest in helping to solve the problems within his community. In the future, he wants to begin his own brokerage. He is eager to represent his fellow Mississauga Centre youth!


Takhliq Amir

McMaster University, Health Sciences

Takhliq, is interested in the process by which actions are translated from a local to global level and vice versa. Working as a Research Assistant for a federal population and public health institution currently, her interests extend to exploring public policy and research at various organizational and governmental levels because of the cross-cutting impacts they have not only on health but on its social determinants, ranging from housing to the built environment. Outside of healthcare, as a writer for multiple McMaster publications focussing on scientific, creative, news, and policy writing, she has extensive experience in using the written word to advocate for change and begin a dialogue with the larger community on topics such as world politics or the opioid crisis.

Having begun volunteering in politics in 2015 with her former Member of Parliament, she has firsthand knowledge of how empowering it can be for youth to engage in their community, identify the priority issues that affect their neighbourhoods, and work towards developing and implementing solutions.


Amaar Fatmi

York University, Political Science

Amaar Fatmi is a 2nd year Political Science student at York University. He has been involved in many different roles at York U such as being a Peer Mentor for upcoming first-year students, a Student Success Ambassador, and a contributor for Excalibur Publications. In the community, he has volunteered for the YMCA where he helped run sports programs. Also, he is a Club Liaison of Red Cross at York U and Director of Communication for Habitat Friends at York U. Amaar is interested in learning about Canadian politics and discussing key issues in current affairs.


Christina Haddad

St.Francis Xavier

Christina is a grade 12 student at St.Francis Xavier. she hopes to study psychology and criminology next year in university. Christina has volunteered her time in the community, she has helped out at an elementary school as well as the Lebanese pavilion at Carassauga as a performer.

Christina is interested in giving a voice to those who can’t be heard and that is what she is hoping to achieve from this council (as well as in the future!). She is an advocate for change and is invested in current social issues happening in our local community and around the world.


Menna Elnaka

University of Toronto Alumni Professional Writing and Communication

Menna is driven by her passion for informing people and shedding light on hidden stories. She believes that people need to understand what's happening around them and to stay engaged in their community.
Her goal is to make a change, and that starts first from within one's own self. As a member of Omar Alghabra's youth council, Menna hopes to launch campaigns for mental health among high school and university students. She also looks forward to discussing issues around youth employment, housing, and also reaching out to young people to see what their needs are and how they can get more involved in their community.

Menna is currently the managing editor of The Medium. Prior to that, she was also the news editor of it and has written various posts for the U.S. edition of the HuffPost, as well.


Rahim Ali

McMaster University Alumni

Rahim is interested in the junction of health and politics; his passion lies in public health. Throughout university, he has been involved in several organizations that seek to assist marginalized communities in Canada and around the world. For nearly two years, he volunteered at Hamilton Health Sciences as part of the Hospital Elder Life Program, where he assisted senior patients suffering from delirium. He is also a research assistant to an epidemiologist and registered dietitian at McMaster University, where he is helping to explore the increasing prevalence of cardiovascular disease and diabetes in Canada and around the world, particularly among South Asians.

As a member of the Youth Council, Rahim aspires to translate his knowledge and promote policies and initiatives that will improve population health - focusing on the most pressing issues in the senior, Indigenous, and immigrant communities. He also seeks to increase youth involvement in the political sphere and amplify the voices of disenchanted youth at the national level.


Saad Mallik

McMaster University, DeGroote School of Business

Saad is a business student who has been actively volunteering in his community for several years. The largest project he spearheaded was Hansen's Home For Syria, which was a successful community-wide fundraiser that collected $27,000 to sponsor a Syrian refugee family of 3. Additionally, Saad was the Division Officer for the Bazaar at Muslimfest 2017 which attracted 50,000 attendees. Saad is currently an executive member of the DeGroote Accounting Association at McMaster University and hopes to start a career in management consulting upon graduation.


Fatima Syed

University of Toronto Mississauga

Fatima has been class representative in her high school student council for several years before she tackled the role of president. She is now pursuing an HBSc at UofT - Mississauga and believes that she is determined and optimistic. Her interests lie in further understanding the concerns of the youth in her community. When not studying, Fatima loves to spend time with friends and family, travel, and watch Shark Tank.



 Oumaima Al Kabbani

University of Toronto

Oumaima is an ambitious Science undergraduate student, interested in Organic Chemistry, Biology, and Anthropology. She possesses strong interpersonal skills and a desire for research and volunteer opportunities. Ounaima is passionate about gaining knowledge and learning more about the government.


Hiba Syed

Applewood Heights Secondary School

Hiba is a self-described enthusiast with a passion for discovery and self-growth. She is a bibliophile who adores writing. and firmly believes that the pen is mightier than the sword.
She looks for challenges and changes that inspire her to become a better person. Through this mindset, she has discovered some key points that enable her to look beyond the accepted in society. Hiba is interested in a transfer of skills globally and helping others. She is keen on learning how to be a leader and to use her voice to be heard.
She hopes to gain valuable life experience through this youth council and wants to make her voice heard in a sea of millions.


Eesha Qureshi

Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School

Having grown up in Mississauga, Eesha possesses a strong sense of pride when it comes to her city. She is an avid volunteer and strives to help out in the community through various organizations including, "We Club", "Inside Out" and more.

Eesha hopes to represent the voices of the youth in Mississauga, to strengthen the bridge between the government and the youth. She wants to bring innovative ideas to the table to help benefit the community.




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